SMART GLOVE® Black Foam Nitrile on Polyamide with Touch-screen Fingertips

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Struggle to put down the phone when the boss is looking the other way or need to keep the "work" flowing with out taking your gloves of Check out these. 

SmartGlove touchscreen glove, with nitrile palm coat, blue liner and high-tech conductive fibres woven into the fingertips. A new generation of gloves specially designed for workers operating touch devices.

  • Touch screen sensitive made possible by special conductive fibres interwoven into the glove liner
  • Due to its conductivity the Smart-Glove has electro-static dissipative properties--can be used for assembly and repair work in electronics, telecommunications, film processing, instrumentation etc.
  • Seamless royal blue polyamide shell knitted with the latest U3 technology for outstanding ergonomic comfort
  • Unique self-ventilating weave
  • New nitrile foam coating technology provides excellent dexterity and form fit for reduced fatigue, maximum comfort and control
  • Supplied in ready to display header-carded pairs for effective hang-sell display
  • Sizes 7-11