Ledlenser P7R Torch

Ledlenser P7R Torch

$192.86 (Excl GST)


Ledlenser P7R Rechargeable Torch

A rechargeable version of Ledlenser’s bestselling torch. The P7R also pumps out an incredible 1000 lumens!

Having a rechargeable torch saves you money in the long run with the bonus of being good for the environment. Ledlenser makes recharging easy with their floating magnetic charge system that charges via USB. With the convenient wall mount supplied with the P7R, your torch can be easily recharged and be ready when you are.The handy charging indicator lets you know when your torch is ready to go. Spare rechargeable batteries are also available.

The P7R still has all the features that makes the P7 so popular such as Ledlenser’s patented Advanced Focus System, plus it also has a Locking Focus.

  • Smart Light TechnologyOffers 3 Light Functions: Boost/Power/Low
  • Advanced Focus SystemAllows easy changing between broad floodlight and focused long distance beam
  • One-handed Speed FocusMeans you can focus the light using just one hand if necessary
  • Locking FocusKeeps the focus locked exactly where you want it
  • Floating Magnetic Charge SystemFor easy recharging via USB. Wall mount included so you can keep your torch close at hand. Charging indicator lets you know when torch is fully charged.
  • High-grade aluminium casingMakes the torch water resistant and durable
  • Gold plated contactsMore efficient and more resistant to corrosion

Comes with:

  • Floating Magnetic Charge System
    - USB-magnet charger
    - charging holder
  • belt sheath
  • lanyard
  • CR18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery